Neighborhood craftsmen Neighborhood Egyptian craftsmen

Egyptian craftsmen

Neighborhood craftsmen Neighborhood Egyptian craftsmen keep on being genuine concealed jewels in Cairo. There is a wide assortment of workmanship displays, transient shows and even cafés and eateries that add to the advancement of nearby specialists and their work crosswise over fringes.
Egyptian craftsmen
Most prominently, the 23 Artist display at the Art Lounge, which shows everything from illustrations to canvases and figures, and the Crystal Angels Gallery Exhibition in Zamalek’s Art Corner that highlights the imperative work of visual craftsman Ghada El Nagger, are justified regardless of a visit.

Egyptian craftsmen

Additional interesting work of art can be found in the city’s numerous eminent exhibitions, for example, Al Masar Gallery, Safar Khan Art Gallery or Zamalek Art Gallery

The Pyramids Of Giza There is most likely no other city on the planet

Pyramids Of Giza

The Pyramids Of Giza There is most likely no other city on the planet where present day engineering is bested by such a superb 4,000-year-old complex of imperial pyramids, sanctuaries and thoroughfares. Any excursion to the Egyptian capital must begin with these grand manifestations. They go from Menakaure, the littlest pyramid, to Khafre, the second biggest, to Khufu, also called the Great Pyramid of Giza. To maintain a strategic distance from the brown haze, head down toward the evening. It’s so natural to begin to look all starry eyed at a city when the history is as extraordinary as Cairo’s. The group here may influence Manhattan to resemble an apparition town, however it’s a little cost to pay to encounter the vitality of the city Egyptians know as Umm promotion Dunya – ‘the Mother of the World’. Utilize our manual for find current Cairo as you’ve never observed it.
Pyramids Of Giza
The Sphinx

Pyramids Of Giza

A short drive to the city side of the Giza level takes you to the feet of the Sphinx, another baffling image of old Egypt. A matured wonder, the leaning back lion with a human head sits gladly on the Nile’s west bank. For a large number of years, the secretive Sphinx has been approaching over Giza, guarding the main staying of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. It has incredibly propelled the creative energies of heads, artists, specialists, researchers and voyagers for quite a long time, and remains a genuinely puzzling element of Cairo.

Back in the focal point of Cairo, simply outside Tahrir Square, guests will locate the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities (Midan El-Tahrir); one of the numerous exhibition halls in the city that welcome individuals to investigate Egypt’s eminent past. Certainly an absolute necessity see while nearby, the historical center houses a novel accumulation of more than 160,000 bits of old Egyptian history. Set aside the opportunity to peruse through the historical center’s chambers, devoted to some of Egypt’s most prosperous traditions, and find what life resembled amid the rule of the Pharaohs.

Pyramids of Giza are one of the most visited attractions in the world

Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza are one of the most visited attractions in the world. These were built lots of years ago by certain dynasties that ruled Egypt at that time. Mostly, Pyramids were built as tombs for Kings, and every King wanted to have the most magnificent structure for himself.

There are around three main pyramids at Giza, which are famous. The first and the largest belongs to Egyptian King Khufu. When the construction of  Pyramid was completed, it was included in list of the seven wonders of ancient world.

Pyramids of Giza

Huge limestone blocks were used in construction of Pyramid. It is one of the most intact pyramids. It was looted many times by thieves who thought that treasures were buried inside it.

The second most famous Pyramid is the Pyramid of Khafre. Khafre was the son of Khufu. The burial chamber is underground with a long passageway as a means to reach it. Similar to the Great Pyramid, the stones are perfectly placed. It has an upper and lower corridor. The Pyramid of Khafre looks taller than Khufu’s, but that is only due to the higher plateau on which it was built. It has a burial chamber but evidence suggests that it was not used.
Pyramids of Giza
Third pyramid is that of Khafre’s son Menkaure. This is smallest of the three Pyramids. It also has the entrance located at northern side same like other pyramids. It has a burial chamber along with a store room at the lower level. The first 15 meters is cased with pink granite and the top 15 meters cased with Turah limestone.

Climbing Pyramids is not allowed, and good walking shoes are recommended. Giza has the Sphinx as well which is like the guardian placed at the entrance of Pyramids. Pyramids represent three generation of Egyptian kings and is worth a visit.

Khufu is one of the most famous kings of Egypt | The Great Pyramid


Khufu is one of the most famous kings of Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the tomb of Khufu. When the first chamber of the Great Pyramid was opened, workers stumbled upon the pieces of the Royal ship of Khufu, which was perfectly dismantled.

Each of the pieces bore symbols on them to indicate where the piece belonged if anyone wanted to assemble it. The ship has been restored over 13 years and placed for display at the Khufu ship Museum which is nearby to the great Pyramid.

The ship is built of high-quality cedar wood, and the ship can even be used today on the water. It is largely believed that the ship was built either for the afterlife journey of King Khufu or to transport the funerary equipment to the Pyramid.


The boat has 12 paddles. It has a compartment like structure to protect the boat captain from sun rays. The boat also has a depth examination tool that would prevent the boat from hitting a rock and toppling over.

Out of the 12 paddles, 4 were in the shape of a bayonet which was also used as a protection tool against enemies in case of an attack.

The Khufu ship is one of the largest and intact ships to have been discovered from the Egyptian civilization.
The Khufu Boat Museum that houses the ship also has photographs and writings from the time it was discovered to allow the visitors a chance to know the actual history of the ship. Scientists are of the opinion that the wood used in the building of the ship is as old as 12000 years. This makes one of the most remarkable structures.

The history of the ship and its design again point out to the fact that earlier civilization had very intelligent imagination. They were clever in their thinking and had good architectural skills to be able to make such a ship.

The Sphinx one of the most famous structures of Egypt than the pyramids

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is one of the most famous structures of Egypt other than the pyramids. The mythical figure which has a human head resting on the body of a lion is a symbol that has been the face of Egyptian civilization for thousands of years. The Sphinx of Giza is carved from the bedrock of the Giza statue widely believed to be the protector of the pyramids which were built by the Pharaohs.
The Sphinx
The statue symbolizes many things. Lion is revered as the king of the jungle and touted to be the most powerful among the animals. The body of the statue signifies strength and invokes terror in the enemies. Similarly, the head of the statue is given human shape to signify thinking power and intelligence. It is approximately 66 feet tall and 240 feet long which makes it one of the largest and oldest statues in the world. The term Sphinx came from the Greek Mythology, which described it as a human head with the body of the mighty lion. It is believed that the Egyptian King Khafre was the one who commissioned the building of Sphinx. The Sphinx, although many centuries old, has weathered many a storms and still attracts hordes of visitors every year to Egypt.  The head of the Sphinx has been badly battered in some places, but a few traces of the original paint can be seen near one of the ears. Many theories advocate the fact that the Sphinx originally was painted and over the years has been discolored.

The Sphinx

It was widely believed that the broken nose of the Sphinx was the handiwork of Napolean’s battalion when Napolean occupied Giza. However, this claim was refuted by many historians who attribute the broken nose to the Turks as some paintings of that time show the Sphinx with the broken nose.

The Sphinx to this day remains a mystery of the earlier Egyptian civilization and has since fascinated archeologists and historians alike. The civilization may have been buried in the sands of time, but the huge structure is there to remind us of the culture that once existed.

Khufu Boat Museum houses the largest royal vessel ever discovered in Egypt

Khufu Boat Museum

Khufu Boat Museum houses the largest royal vessel ever discovered in Egypt. The boat was discovered in 1954 in a dismantled state. Since then it has taken 13 years to put the pieces back together and display the boat as it was when it was built many years ago.

Historians are divided on whether the boat was used as a means of the final journey of King Khufu or merely used as a transportation device to take Khufu’s funerary equipment to his pyramid.

Nevertheless, the boat is another fine example of the architectural know-how of the Egyptian civilization in that time. Most of the interior space of the museum is taken over by the boat.

There are various decks and hallways constructed that allows the visitors to view the boat from various angles. The remains of the ships were discovered buried in the ditches. Many ditches still have the pieces of similar smaller boats.

The museum also displays photographs and writings about how the boat was discovered and how the restoration took place. It has preserved certain artifacts that were discovered along with the boat. The museum has even preserved the ropes that were found with the boat.

One of the amazing facts is that even after almost 4500 years the quality of the built is as superior as when it was first constructed. It is 143 feet tall and 19.5 feet wide. Historians still research the exact purpose of the boat.

The boat is made of cedar wood. The boat was discovered near the Great Pyramid of Giza. The museum itself is situated next to the Pyramids and visitors can have a glimpse of the Pyramids through the large glass windows of the museum.

The restoration of the pieces has led to the world knowing about the building skills of the Egyptian workers during the reign of King Khufu.

Khufu Boat Museum

Great Pyramid Giza oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient Egypt

Great Pyramid Giza

Great Pyramid Giza One of the most mysterious and the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world is the Pyramid of Giza.  The great Pyramid also called the Pyramid of Khufu or Pyramid of Cheops.

The great Pyramid of Giza is constructed with a 2,300,000 limestone and granite blocks and is one of the ancient engineering marvels.

To this day, it remains a mystery as to what tools were used for the cutting and shaping of such huge stone blocks. The modern technology of today might not be able to create such a building.

The Pyramid was built around 2560 BC and was the tallest man-made structure in the world for almost 3800 years.

The Pyramid of Giza is one of the main tourist attractions of Egypt. Many visitors visit Egypt to see this structure.

There are three known chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The main feature of the Pyramid is that the sides are perfectly aligned with the accuracy of a compass.

The Great Pyramid also served as a sundial to correctly predict the time.  The entrance of the Pyramid is at the northern side which is the same for every pyramid in Egypt. The Pyramid has three burial chambers.  The first is underground and is carved into a bedrock.

The second chamber was called Queen’s chambers, but no evidence was found that suggests that any of Khufu’s wives ever lived there.

The third Pyramid is the King’s chamber which had a red granite sarcophagus placed at its center. The Pyramid was plundered many times by thieves who thought that treasures were buried inside the Pyramid.

The way to enter the Pyramid is via robbers Tunnel that was constructed around AD 820.

The construction of the entire monument took almost 20 years and still stands tall as a testimony to the architectural marvel that existed so many years ago.

Great Pyramid Giza