learn an important factor in belly dancing | the hands movements

learn an important factor in belly dancing: the hands movements. First, the dancer has her hand in front of her face, and she moves it (from the up of her head without touching her head till down to the front of her breasts) in a snake-like way. The hand is moving gracefully,
hands movements
one hand after the other. The second move is done by crossing the hands to each other in front of the dancer’s face (as before). Now, you should notice that the elbows are open, and the dancer’s palms are opening and closing (facing the camera, and then the dancer’s face). Another move is done with one hand after the other. The dancer looks to the side a bit, and her hand’s palm is opening and closing in front of her face. Then, the dancer makes half-circles in front of her face with her hands. She starts from down, a circle going up in front of her face and continues down, and then with both of her hands she does the same move and crosses them after.

hands movements

After that, she moves her hand up and down while making it sway. The dancer then makes the same moves of half circles, but when the hand is up it reaches the front of the eye, as if to emphasize the look in the eye of the dancer. The elbows are always open.
In the end, you can see the dancer repeating the moves, but this time you will have a better look of all her hands moving in front of her face and breasts.

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