basic moves in belly dancing combining the moves of the hands

basic moves in belly dancing, combining the moves of the hands and the body. The dancer first starts by moving her hands, at her sides, to the left (up and down) and to the right (up and down); one hands is up, the other is down, and vice versa. The moves are not robotic, and the dancer’s body is swaying (just like her hands do) while she is moving her hands. The second move, while the body is still swaying, is of the half-circle-like moves, done by one hand after the other. Then,
moves in belly dancing
the dancer crosses her hands up above her head (as if they are dancing together), then she keeps one hand above her head and the other in front of her face moving it. After that, the hand joins the other above the dancer’s head, and they both go down moving. After this move, the dancer places on hand on her hip, and the other moving in front of her face (this move is done after the dancer turn slightly to the side). The same last move is repeated to the other side.

moves in belly dancing

Then, the hands are crossed in front of the dancer’s face, and the palms are opened and closed (facing the viewer, and then facing the dancer’s face). The same open and close hand movement is done with one hand (the other hand is on the dancer’s hip). Another hand move is the half-circle-like done by one hand after the other, and emphasizing on the dancer’s eyes. Then, smaller half-circle-like moves are done by both hands in front of the dancer’s face

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