how to move your hands in belly dancing

how to move your hands in belly dancing. The dancer starts with her hand to her side, and makes a half turn until it reaches above her head, all while moving her wrist. When it gets right above her head, the dancer starts bringing it down in a straight line passing in front of her face, and her elbow remain opened and not in front of the face. The move is down by both hands, each after the other. Another move is when the hands are crossed from above the head,

hands in belly dancing

all while the wrists are still moving, and they go down the same line as before. Again, the elbows are still opened. The palm faces the camera and then doesn’t, and the move repeats itself. Notice how the wrists are turning to show the palm and hide it from the viewer. Also, notice the fingers of the dancer how they are not all forming a line, but two fingers are a bit more to the front. These moves of the hand can be done with both of the hands above the head and they go down at the side of the body
hands in belly dancing

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