Belly dancing depends on moving many parts of the body harmoniously

Belly dancing depends on moving many parts of the body harmoniously: the hands, the shoulders, the hips, the waist… The first thing to perfect is the movements of the hands. The dancer starts with placing her hand to her side, and making a full circle with it starting by getting down and moving up. The move is done by both hands separately. Then, the dancer does the same move with both hands. When they get to meet in the middle, they are crossed. Another move is when the dancer points her hand to the front and moves her wrist; one hand after the other, and then both together crossed and they “retreat” back closer to the dancer and down to her sides.

Belly dancing

The dancer starts with dancing using the movement of her wrists while making a ‘circle’ with her hands at her sides. Both hands go up to above her head, they cross, and then back to their original starting point. Then the move continues when the hands go up from in front of the body of the dancer while they are crossed, and go up above her head. Later, they continue their circle to the sides, and go back to the starting point. All of these movements are done while the wrists and palms are also moving.
Then, the dancer places one hand on her hip, turns a bit to the side, and makes a circle with the other hand (still moving the wrist and palm), going from down to above her head, and then goes down in a line down in front of her body. The same move is done with the other hand. In the same position,
Belly dancing
the dancer then starts the hand move from in front of her (as if she was pointing to something), to above her head, and down in a line in front of her face. Then the dancer moves her hands while crossed up in front of her body and face, and down.
Then, with her hands in a ‘T’ shape at the side of her body, the dancer starts moving her shoulders. The moves of her hands are like slow waves. Also, her hands and palms are moving to make a better effect to the whole movement. Notice how her body is also swaying.

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