concentrate on the movement of the whole body of the dancer

concentrate on the movement of the whole body of the dancer. Try first listening to the music; it’s not only beats. At the beginning, you will notice how the body of the dancer is moving to the music, like a cobra dancing to the flute. As you progress through the song and dance, you will be able to pick up some beats in the song to which the dancer uses her breasts to express. In addition, observe the face of the dancer; it’s expressive, and sometimes she is singing the lyrics of the song.

body of the dancer

You don’t really need to know the words to the song (especially if you actually can’t understand the language), but you will have to keep your face friendly and expressive, mainly by smiling (it could also help if you perhaps were able to know the context of the song).
body of the dancer
In the dance, you will have to use everything that you have previously learned in the other video lessons. Moreover, it is good o notice how her hands are moving: sometimes both above her head, sometimes touching her head, sometimes one of her hands on her hips… The dancer is also moving, going forward and backward, and turning. She is not always facing the camera. You can also see how she uses her head and hair to turn faster and follow the music.

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