the type of songs is different | It does not start with a beat

the type of songs is different. It does not start with a beat, only instrumental music. The dancer is moving her body, and performing the moves that go with the music with her hands. An important thing is her face expressions. Notice how her body and her hands move in ‘waves’.
type of songs
When the beats start, the dancer starts moving her hips. The dancer’s moves are not fast, according to the music. The lyrics in this song are also important to the dancing performed: the dancer is performing the words (if you cannot understand the language, it may be of help to inquire more about the song and its meaning).

type of songs

For example, at the time 2:23, the singer says “I don’t want to close my eyes”, and the dancer moves her hands in front of her eyes and then away (don’t worry if you can’t understand the words, you can still choose to dance according to the music and not to the meaning of the words). Notice the hand moves of the dancer, and her breast moves according to the beat. Moreover, the face expressions are very apparent.

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