breast movement that you learned in the video “Breast Movement”

The breast movement that you learned in the video “Breast Movement” are now used in the dance. The same shoulder movements (forward and backward simultaneously) are performed with the hands forming a “T” with the body. The dancer does the moves while leaning to the left (palms of the hands open), and then to the right (palms of the hands closed). You can make the same movements without trying to open and close the palms of your hands. Start with slow movements and then go faster.
breast movement
The dancer is putting her weight on her left leg, and then on her right leg. Notice how her whole body is moving gracefully while her shoulders keep on doing the same moves.
Then, the dancer’s side faces the camera, her right hand in front of her, and her left hand on her hip. She does the same shoulder and breast movement while turning to face the camera, and then she goes to the start point and makes the same move. The same can be done on the other side. When the left hand is in front, her left leg is also in front of the right, and vice versa for the right side.

breast movement

The dancer then does the moves while facing the camera, leaning her breast forward and then back to the start point. She again returns to moving to the left and right gracefully. She goes to the left, does 4 sets of shoulder moves, and to the right also 4 sets of shoulder moves. Now, on her left side, she performs the moves while making a turn to face the camera. On the other side the same is done. Her palms are first open, and then closed as she begins to move.

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