shoulders and breast for the belly dancing how to use yours

shoulders and breast for the belly dancing how to use yours. how to use your shoulders and breast for the belly dancing. The dancer starts by moving her shoulders in round starting up. You should be aware that these are not robotic moves. The same side of the shoulder moving, the breast comes to the front and the other to the back. The sides change simultaneously. Then, the dancer doubles the moves of her shoulders and breast, making smaller moves but in double. The same moves are made with the dancer leaning to the left side and then to the right side.
Another move is the up and down of the breasts. The same moves are done by the dancer facing the camera, her left side to the camera, and her right side to the camera. Then, the dancer faces the camera, and pushes her waist to the right and her torso to the left, then her waist to the left and her torso to the right. To the front, you can do a round move with all of your torso. Then, the dancer starts with the breast moves, the ones helped by moving the shoulders to the front and back. The dancer starts slow, and goes faster. These moves are done on all sides. Then, you add to the breast moves the going down and up with the help of your knees. After that, you push your breast to the left (for 4 counts) and to the right (for other 4 counts). These last moves are more solid than the rest. You do the same push of the breasts to the side, but this time with making a round motion with your breasts after the push.
In the end, watch the dancer combine all the above moves.

shoulders and breast for the belly dancing