help you see the movement of the legs in belly dancing.

help you see the movement of the legs in belly dancing. Start with one foot completely on the floor, and you will have only your toes on the floor of the other foot. Watch how the dancer is making a turn with her foot. Notice how her hip is playing a role in the movement. You stand on your toes, and then on your heels. The same moves are done by the right and left leg.

legs in belly dancing

more dance moves, and especially for the belly. Take a deep breath, and let it out. Do this twice. Take another deep breath, keep your breath for a second or two more, and then let it all out. Take breaths and let them out faster. Then make a “wave” with your belly. Your chest comes to the front while your waist to the back, and then you return your chest to the back. A deep breath to the front, and let it out to the back.
legs in belly dancing
Do the moves again and again. Your legs are fixed, your middle is what’s moving. Let your belly muscles go in and out. This will help you later when you want to dance to the beat with your belly.

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