Nora is like a queen in the world of belly dance No need to watch

Nora is like a queen in the world of belly dance. No need to watch the full video as you will be impressed with the movements of her legs and steps. She is simply awesome dancer and one of the best belly dancers in Egypt. She is not so tall but she is cute enough to attract you. At the same time she has long black colored hair which is really attractive. She is wearing a red dress which is little short and tight enough to give you the sexy view of her body. She moves her arms and legs at the same time which is attractive. Don’t forget to have a look on her legs as a beatuful tatto is there to impress you. The music is really perfect for the dance and you will enjoy this rocking music. Don’t miss this video guy.

world of belly dance

• She is super hot and sexy. I enjoyed her performance as well as her nice figure. Thums up.
• Guys can you please check the sound system? I am not getting the sound perfectly. May be there is a problem with the sound system.
• She is a good performer but she needs to be careful about her figure. It is not impressive to see a fatty belly dancer like her.

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