Safw is a good dancer and she is expert in belly dance

Safw is a good dancer and she is expert in belly dance. She has performed lots of stage show and this video is one of them. She is a beautiful girl with attractive face cutting. Moreover she has a nice figure with long and black hair. She is really awesome and charming. She is a red dress and she is looking hot and sexy in this dress. This girl is little black but she is pretty.
She started her performance by moving her legs nicely with the rhythm of music. Then she started the main performance. She is a queen in the world of belly dance and I am sure that you guys didn’t watch so charming performance in past. Each and every asset of her body is well shaped and that is why she is able to perform each and every step of belly dance. Don’t miss this amazing video.


• I am a fan of this girl. She is really a queen in the world of belly dance. An awesome performance by this girl.
• Cool.. . I will love to watch this girl again and again with new performances. She is a real beauty.
This girl knows it well how to attract audience with the movements of each and every part of her body and it is the key of belly dance