This is real belly dance from Egypt | the birth place of belly dance

This is real belly dance from Egypt, the birth place of belly dance. This girl is really awesome in belly dance and she is expert in moving each and every part of her body. She was perfectly moving her body with the rhythm of the music. She is looking hot and gorgeous in this attractive red outfit. But I am sure you will be impressed with her mind-blowing smiling.
place of belly dance
Moreover she has very long hair which is really pretty and beautiful. Her black colored hair is attractive. The music is perfect for the song and it is nicely composed. Her performance is amazing with this music. Each and every step of her is perfect for the dance. This hot girl is really beautiful and a good dancer. She is expert in belly dance and she proved that in her performance. Don’t miss this amazing video and enjoy your time by watching this video.

place of belly dance

• Wow! She was looking super with her dress. I loved to watch this video again to watch this girl again and again.
• Although the girl is not so pretty but I loved her performance. She did well and I enjoyed her performance.
• Don’t know why you guys always use fatty woman in these types of performance. Btw looking forward to see something better.

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