Khufu is one of the most famous kings of Egypt | The Great Pyramid

Khufu is one of the most famous kings of Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the tomb of Khufu. When the first chamber of the Great Pyramid was opened, workers stumbled upon the pieces of the Royal ship of Khufu, which was perfectly dismantled.

Each of the pieces bore symbols on them to indicate where the piece belonged if anyone wanted to assemble it. The ship has been restored over 13 years and placed for display at the Khufu ship Museum which is nearby to the great Pyramid.

The ship is built of high-quality cedar wood, and the ship can even be used today on the water. It is largely believed that the ship was built either for the afterlife journey of King Khufu or to transport the funerary equipment to the Pyramid.


The boat has 12 paddles. It has a compartment like structure to protect the boat captain from sun rays. The boat also has a depth examination tool that would prevent the boat from hitting a rock and toppling over.

Out of the 12 paddles, 4 were in the shape of a bayonet which was also used as a protection tool against enemies in case of an attack.

The Khufu ship is one of the largest and intact ships to have been discovered from the Egyptian civilization.
The Khufu Boat Museum that houses the ship also has photographs and writings from the time it was discovered to allow the visitors a chance to know the actual history of the ship. Scientists are of the opinion that the wood used in the building of the ship is as old as 12000 years. This makes one of the most remarkable structures.

The history of the ship and its design again point out to the fact that earlier civilization had very intelligent imagination. They were clever in their thinking and had good architectural skills to be able to make such a ship.