Khufu Boat Museum houses the largest royal vessel ever discovered in Egypt

Khufu Boat Museum houses the largest royal vessel ever discovered in Egypt. The boat was discovered in 1954 in a dismantled state. Since then it has taken 13 years to put the pieces back together and display the boat as it was when it was built many years ago.

Historians are divided on whether the boat was used as a means of the final journey of King Khufu or merely used as a transportation device to take Khufu’s funerary equipment to his pyramid.

Nevertheless, the boat is another fine example of the architectural know-how of the Egyptian civilization in that time. Most of the interior space of the museum is taken over by the boat.

There are various decks and hallways constructed that allows the visitors to view the boat from various angles. The remains of the ships were discovered buried in the ditches. Many ditches still have the pieces of similar smaller boats.

The museum also displays photographs and writings about how the boat was discovered and how the restoration took place. It has preserved certain artifacts that were discovered along with the boat. The museum has even preserved the ropes that were found with the boat.

One of the amazing facts is that even after almost 4500 years the quality of the built is as superior as when it was first constructed. It is 143 feet tall and 19.5 feet wide. Historians still research the exact purpose of the boat.

The boat is made of cedar wood. The boat was discovered near the Great Pyramid of Giza. The museum itself is situated next to the Pyramids and visitors can have a glimpse of the Pyramids through the large glass windows of the museum.

The restoration of the pieces has led to the world knowing about the building skills of the Egyptian workers during the reign of King Khufu.

Khufu Boat Museum