Ali al-Du’aji or Ali Douagi similar to al-Shabbi, consolidated

Ali al-Du’aji, or Ali Douagi, similar to al-Shabbi, consolidated the imaginative existence with an enthusiasm for hostile to pilgrim legislative issues. Once in a while known as ‘the father of the cutting edge Tunisian short story,’ al-Du’aji was naturally introduced to a well off shipper group of Turkish family line in Tunis. Conversant in French and Arabic and well perused in present day and antiquated French and Arabic writing, he shaped piece of a gathering of educated people, which included al-Shabbi,
Ali al-Du'aji
known as the ‘Underneath the-Wall Group’ who met in the old medina of Tunis to examine patriot governmental issues and the need to make a cutting edge Tunisian writing. His short stories are loaded with story experimentation and investigate the strains and incongruities of social concurrence amongst Arabs and Frenchmen. Altogether, he composed 163 radio plays, 15 plays, 500 melodies and sonnets and numerous short stories — there’s an English interpretation of the collection ‘Restless Nights’ accessible made by Harvard researcher William Granara.

Ali al-Du’aji