“Taka” moves by the waist | Practice the moves with your right and left

“Taka” moves by the waist and pelvis. Notice how the waist and the pelvis are pushed to the front at first and then back to the starting point. Then, the same is done to the sides. Practice the moves with your right and left hips and waist. The dancer is pushing her hips to the side, one side after the other, then to the front using both sides of the pelvis and hips. Notice how the knees help with the moves to the front. The dancer then does the same moves, adding her hands pointing to the sides while moving. The same is also done to the front, adding the hands movements. If you are moving you right hip to the front, you move you left hand to the front; and if you are moving your left hip to the front, then you move your right hand to the front. To the sides, try another hand move: when you move your hip to the right, use your left hand to go in the same direction starting from back to the front right side, and vice versa. Your elbow goes to the back and then to the front, harmoniously with the waist moves. You can then use both of your hand for the moves. Then, facing the camera, the dancer makes up and round moves with her hips, still using her knees to help with the down and up moves. Add the hands movement to the moves

moves by the waist

“Taka” made by the waist. The dancer starts by making one move with her hip up and then down. If you place your hands on your hips, they will help you move and feel the move better. The knees play an important role in this move. The moves get faster by double. If the legs are a bit more apart, the moves can be done with turns. The moves rely on toes, heels, toes, heels. You place your weight on the heel of one foot and the toes of the other, and vice versa.
moves by the waist

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