dancing to the beat “maksom”. The moves concentrate on two parts

dancing to the beat “maksom”. The moves concentrate on two parts: the middle and the breast.
The dancer starts with the hips. She is half turned, her side facing the camera. She has her hand up in the air and the second down next to her hips; the hands are like forming a line. The dancer is moving her hip (forward and backward), and at the same time moving her knees to help her move up and down with grace and elegance, and still following the beat. She moves her body to the other side and performs the same movements. Then, at the end, she faces the camera, and moves her hip to the right side to end with the beat.

dancing to the beat “maksom”

The next moves are the ones involving the breast. She starts by moving her shoulders to the left and right following the beat. This helps her breast move as she wants. Her hands are spread like a bird, forming a “T” with her body. At the same time of the movement, the dancer has her legs a little more apart,
dancing to the beat “maksom”
and she shifts her weight to her left leg and then to the right, still dancing with the beat. She then focuses on moving the breast alone to the left and right, while doing round motions which are not very apparent. To end with the beat, she moves her shoulder and breast, with shifting her weight on her legs, to the left and right.