Belly Dance Clothing | Significantly like any other style of dance wear

Belly Dance Clothing

Belly Dance Clothing
Significantly like any other style of dance wear, belly dance clothes can hold a crucial part in the dance. Giving the wearer the self-confidence to pull out their innermost confidence, and their desired appear. There are many unique articles for you to choose from, along with the quite a few accessories which will assist to pull the look together.
Like all clothes meant for dance, belly dancing clothing vary in quite a few distinctive methods. From the shapes, cuts, and types with the clothing all the way to colour and print. There’s dance clothes for everyone. The 1 factor that they all have in widespread, will be the beautiful flowing fabric or structure of the outfit; that could aid to accentuate any of your bodies moves. It isn’t uncommon for the wonderful transparent fabric to be replaced with meshed coins. Combining not only the clothing however the accessories into one particular. Making it almost not possible not to come across anything which will match your needs, and private fashion sense.
Though you may be able to come across a regional distributor of clothes. Odds are they will not possess the good quality and quantity that will help you to pick the perfect belly dance clothes very easily. Internet websites including this one particular, will offer you you the ability to look for the perfect dance clothes with tiny hassle. What else may very well be far better? Not merely will you be acquiring your belly dance clothing, but a little bit extra time to practice your belly dancing.

On a different note, the dance costumes and accessories are not the only belly dance related clothing. You will find hundreds of belly dance tribute t-shirts, enabling you to show off your really like of belly dancing by means of your clothing. From breathtakingly stunning graphic t-shirts, that show the same movement of belly dancing. Each of the technique to silly or literal text t-shirts. Some of the most popular sayings on these dancing tribute t-shirts are:
* I adore belly dancing.
* Belly dancing chick (with an adorable picture of a chick)
* American Tribal style
* Belly dance queen

Belly Dance Clothing

The globe of belly dancing has changed drastically from the good ol’ days to modern day occasions. While the standard costume use to cover considerably more, the western planet has changed the view on belly dancing costumes forever. They have become sexier, and accentuate both the dance moves at the same time because the physique. Even though the traditional caftan is still utilised these days, mainly before and just after shows. They aren’t as well known during the show any longer. Alternatively, lots of belly dancers are opting for the bedlah style costumes.
Belly Dance Clothing
Belly Dance Clothing
Bedlah style costumes often occasions incorporate a fitted leading or bra-top, commonly lined with beads or coins. Combined having a matching or accenting hip-belt, lined after again with beads or coins. In conjunction with a veil which is ordinarily there to four yard strip of gorgeous fabric. Of which is applied to accentuate the movement of one’s arms in the course of belly dancing.
Even so throughout the globe, there will probably be a slight difference amongst the belly dancing costumes. Though in Egypt most dancers wear fully beaded dresses. They may be still accessible to purchase in the western world. However, it obviously will differ upon the kind of belly dancing which you pick to take part in. Having said that, the second most common style of belly dance costume is definitely the cabaret costume. Of which consists of a hip belt, skirt or harem pants, veils, as well as a bra. Whilst they are your staples for any belly dance costume, a lot of people pick out to add in a few added accessories.

From decorative arm coverings, head pieces, wristbands, scarves, neck-bands, face veils, jewelry, and obviously shoes. Are all added to accentuate the allure that belly dancing gives. Even though they’re all optional for the art of belly dancing, they aid to achieve a level of mystery and fantasy within the dance.
No matter if you might be new to dancing, or are a seasoned dancer. There are various mistakes created with costuming. Whilst lots of teachers will be certain their students understand how to correctly wear their costumes. Some might not, leaving you to wonder how precisely the fabric is suppose to sit.
The 1 piece that provides dancers probably the most problems, may be the belt. Of which ought to be worn about the dancer’s hips. It is popular for dancers to wear them across their waist, however it could hinder the functionality of belly rolls and other moves. Recall, study any directions that include your costumes. Whilst not all will offer guidelines, use typical sense.
Belly Dance Clothing
When you cannot move in the costume, it possibly will not operate for belly dancing. Steer clear of any overly cheap costumes, as they typically possess the quality of Halloween costumes and are meant for light use only. As an alternative, it must be an investment in excellent as with any article of clothing.
In the bra and belt sets, Beledi dress sets, full-blown dance costumes, Khaleegy dresses or Thobes, Saiidi Dresses, Skirts, Hip Skarves, Skirt and Veil sets, and in some cases accessories. They are all offered at belly dancing specialty shops such as this one particular.

Belly Dancing Is actually a Glorious Approach to Shed Your Inhibitions

Belly Dancing Is actually a Glorious Approach

Belly Dancing Is actually a Glorious Approach to Shed Your Inhibitions
egyptian belly dancerBelly dancing per se has been about for centuries along with the quite word brings to thoughts photos of lithe girls rolling their bodies sinuously towards the contact of music. Its origin appears to drift historically involving oriental or inspired by the Romany gypsies. These days, nevertheless, belly dancing is far more of a celebration of myriad cultures, which seeks to incorporate the best of each of the cultures that have laid a claim on belly dancing. Tribal belly dancing is this stunning, passionate fusion of cultures that glorifies the passionate self within the dancer.
Tribal belly dancing has evolved together with the years as more and more people are discovering the exhilarating expertise of stylized dance that basically frees up the muscular structure from the physique by carrying out wonderful movements and may the mind be far behind. Tribal belly dance could make one of the most stoic of women relate for the inner free spirit inside herself and spin absolutely free together with the pulsating moves that the dance demands. The extremely name tribal belly dance features a primordial ring to it that releases 1 in the dreary life and transports the dancer to another level that enhances her, both personally and physically.

Tribal belly dancing costumes really have such color and grace that each belly dancer wearing them is going to really feel at a single with her crucial womanliness. These belly dancing costumes are overtly flowing, colorful and gracefully gorgeous. They gladden each and every lady using the flowing lines and gauzy veils that emphasize femininity. Finger cymbals known as zills are worn to click between the fingers and also the jewelery is exotic and bold. The tribal jewelery involves headpieces which are created of beaten silver or copper and are fairly huge and support maintain the head scarf in place. There are belts made of coins and semi-precious stones.
American tribal style belly dance has evolved from their fascination for the exotic rhythms and also the music. There is a distinctive stylization towards the American version of tribal fusion belly dance that somehow has a touch of Hollywood. Belly dancing is now a hugely well-known dance kind within the US for the uncomplicated reason that in today’s globe, women usually do not get a chance to flaunt their crucial feminine nature and by carrying out the tribal fusion belly dance, they are subconsciously reaching out towards the core of their necessary womanhood.
Belly dance festivals, workshops and festivals, not to mention belly dance holidays, give ample opportunity to study the craft entire heartedly and with dedication within a specified time frame. The art form of this dance has inspired quite a few amateurs to seriously pursue the additional advanced forms of belly dancing across the nations where it has originated. The majority of the actions in the tribal belly dance are circular motions that are isolated in one physique part at a time. The dancer gyrates and shimmies utilizing clever muscle control to help keep the rhythm going effortlessly. As you get much better at belly dancing, flexibility is improved and tricks utilizing coins and swords are well known to demonstrate the use of muscle tissues especially within the belly and hips.
Belly Dancing Is actually a Glorious Approach

Tribal belly dancing no matter whether American tribal fusion or otherwise, internalizes the rhythms and also the outflow of emotion. It is channeled into an improvised dance which has its personal uniqueness and can’t be learnt by rote. Each dancer tends to make a individual encounter with the music and communicates with a person style. It truly is more of a communication together with the audience on a one particular to a single basis and that is what adds for the simplicity and fluid sensuality of your dance. It really is a misconception that tribal belly dancing is only sensual in appeal; it is actually a really mature demonstration that is certainly not coy and in the similar time is imbued with a rare dignity.

Belly Dancing Is actually a Glorious Approach

Several women inside the US and Europe turn to tribal belly dancing due to the fact they treat it as a sort of self empowerment tool that heals since it teaches. Having the ability to belly dance is a healing medium for mind, physique and soul. It frees them from their inner demons whether they’ve concerns that need healing or otherwise. There is certainly something extremely uplifting in difficult one’s ability to study a new medium and frees the spirit in music. It is a spiritual release that endows well being of mind and body.
Tribal belly dancing although fairly young in inception; it is actually increasing in leaps and bounds. It has been embraced for getting a multicultural offering that may be exquisite in its bold definitions and delicate message. It may look very blatant but really has a lingering sweetness which has not been lost through the centuries of evolving to what it’s currently. Find out more information click egyptian belly dancer

Deciding on the appropriate Music for Belly Dancing

Music for Belly Dancing

Deciding on the appropriate Music for Belly Dancing

What is the proper type of music that a belly dancer should have been working with? This query encompasses the quite simple grounds of belly dancing. The general answer depends upon the actual variety of kind of dance that you just demand to do for practice. It can be broadly and roughly defined as performance belly dancing and practice dancing.

Now, the music that should be used or picked for the practice kind of belly dancing is may possibly fluctuate from 1 kind or style to an additional, this mostly depends upon the interest of a person. A sizable quantity of individuals decide on belly dancing only to practice it for exciting sake, and they’re significantly less likely to carry out in front of an audience or jury etc. Such belly dancing practicing has to be definitely informal and non expert form of this art type, and people today could properly choose the music of their choice and go about belly dancing.

Having said that, one vital element that have to not be overlooked by any belly dancer, would be to notice whether the beat and dance pace compliments one another or not? If you are only practicing belly dance for enjoyable sake or making use of its moves as an amalgam in other dance types, then this way of dancing might be labeled as fusion style of dancing.

Fusion dance is primarily a mixed type of dance, which has been developed by mixing some bit from a single dance form and some bit from other dance form. So, for this style you’ll be able to make use of practically any music style that just relaxes and compliments the pace of the dance at the same time as your mood and taste. How to Make a Full Belly Dance Skirt
Music for Belly Dancing
Even so, in case you are to perform as an expert dancer you should be producing use of some genuine music. The usual music that goes along with belly dancing style is the Middle Eastern music and beats. If, you choose to possess some modern touch into this, just be careful not to exclude the Middle Eastern taste wholly. With a bit of care and practice it is possible to transform your moves into an expert and well versed belly dancer who has the proper sort of music, at the same time.
Music for Belly Dancing
You could possibly not require really genuine music if you want to practice at residence or in live dancing classes, nevertheless, people may well get additional cautious occasionally. One of the most essential issues, here, is that you must often be enjoying whatever you music you pick for this objective. You may as well test your inclination towards the Middle Eastern music form, through which you are able to well validate the have to have for genuine music.

The CD’s that have been compiled particularly for the belly dancing tradition are comparatively uncommon. So, for those who wish to begin with the hip gyration practice from residence, you could as well get hold of such good compilations.

Music for Belly Dancing

Majority of such CD’s also have already been supplying their shoppers a diverse style of Middle Eastern music, which has been most typically presented as a mixture style of western. Such CD’s are clearly great technique to find out the musical melodies as well as practice the dance form. Such CD’s usually do not present a medium to possess entertaining however they also make you able to practice the nicely demanded dance kind.

You may also make use of a number of other music alternatives, just for the sake of experimentation (this goes only once you are practicing) and getting exciting even though practicing the dance form. Now, the trick that underlies selection of music for belly dancing is the fact that you must spend interest towards the rhythm with the beat of music as well as your dancing pace; if, these two components are going along nicely, then you have the good music on.

Belly Dancing – A Guide For Novices Around the Origin, Health Advantages

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing – A Guide For Novices Around the Origin, Health Advantages and Costume Styles

Belly Dancing is one of the most well-known dances recognized for its sensual designs. This dance style is also helpful for wellness. The dance not just acts as an excellent medium for burning calories, but there are actually other linked health added benefits also that have created it popular for centuries.

Belly dance has had a splendid history that dates back for the starting of civilization itself. The history of this dance shows that it has been made use of both as an act of seduction and worship. Some religions regarded that the dance aids in enhancing the fertility of newly married couples.

It aids you with every aspect of one’s fitness schedule. It has been discovered in research that belly dance burns as much as 300 calories per hour, which means that even a one particular hour of practice each day can assist you burn greater than 2000 calories per week.

If you adore to celebrate your womanhood, you’d rarely find one more type of dance that can be capable of express your joy. There’s a long history surrounding this dance kind, which helps you celebrate your existence of becoming a female. Belly Dancing has been applied more than the centuries from temple ceremonies to seduce and entice the unsuspecting.

So that you can start dancing, you’ll need not be in perfectly healthful situation. In case you get excellent belly dancing guidelines from a very good instructor, the low influence nature because of its streamlined movements that make it an ideal exercise for individuals who are not in perfect shape. Any time you commence with this dance, it operates your muscles lightly by means of its strident effects. The dance performs your belly, which has been identified to become the typical challenge area in most men and women who’re not in shape. You’ll also discover that belly dance strengthens the back as you steadily progress.
Belly Dancing
Belly dancing has been well-known and preferred dance style given that centuries, normally originated from the Middle Eastern soils and has their roots in Asia as well as North Africa. The origins are a bit of a mystery that enchants every person, even so, it really is usually associated using the Arab or African regions and customs.

By origin, this dance kind has been identified frequently as oriental dance and they are also called raqs-e-sharqi. The literal meaning of raqs-e-sharqi are dance style of east. Additionally, it has its roots in the African tribes too as the South American, Greeks, Egypt etc. when you speak about its current status, it is actually actually common all across the world and individuals are having a lot more enchanted by this dance kind and also the flexibility and accommodative potential that it has.

You can find other dance types, which have an ancient profile but as of a well-known notion, it has been regarded the status in the most ancient dance form. The sensuality and elegancy which has been reflected in this dance type cannot be paralleled by the others.

The costumes which might be involved in belly dancing commonly comprises of exquisitely decorated and glittering dresses, at the same time as jewelry. People today, actually sparkle with accessories and look outstandingly consideration grabbing. These costumes and jewelry formulates an integral element of belly dancing.

Belly Dancing

The health added benefits are diverse and they variety kind physical advantages to mental or psychological advantages. By belly dancing the join pain and back ache may be relieved and folks can regulate the natural lubricant flow (that is certainly the synovial fluid). It actually relieves general anxiety, could it be psychological or physical. These advantages and other individuals are few of many rewards of dancing and people who’re merely passionate about it demands no excuse or reason to practice it. Want to know more about this click oriental dance

An Overview of Arabian and Turkish Belly Dancing

An Overview of Arabian and Turkish Belly Dancing

An Overview of Arabian and Turkish Belly Dancing
Arabian Belly Dancing was initially considered to become sacred because it was considered to be related to goddess worshipping. It is not really possible to discover the true origins of this dancing. Arabic belly dance is regarded as to become somewhat a misnomer because the dance includes extra components of the body than just the belly. Instances of belly dance happen to be traced back for the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. The ancient kind of this dance has been found within the engravings located around the ancient temples.

An Overview of Arabian and Turkish Belly Dancing
It truly is viewed as to be introduced within this region by the Arabs, but with the introduction of Islam, the dance was banned. Comparable to these engravings in Mesopotamia, dance and music scenes have also been traced in ancient Grecian and Egyptian paintings in tombs. Throughout the eight century, the Arabs came and settled in Egypt, which made belly dancing to be adopted in this area. And, it was right here that the dance grew in methods and designs and transformed into the newly recognized Oriental dance, which also came to be known as raqs sharqi.

Furthermore to these influences, the dance receives extra impacts from distinctive components of Asia. The gypsy tribes from Northern India brought their energetic and flamboyant dancing and musical abilities after they moved into the Middle East. This mostly took spot in Turkey, and also the dance received gypsy components towards the tradition that have been currently powerful and was common by the name of Oriyantal Dansi.

Hence, belly dancing as an ancient tradition, was influenced by a variety of types that flowed in from different parts of Asia. Nevertheless, the original elements on the dance involving the sensuous movements of your female physique had been generally retained.

For the western planet, it was not until the 19th century that the public came to understand about Arabian Belly Dancing as well as the related customs from the Arab globe. It was only the Orientalists, the scholars who had the curiosity and expertise about Middle East.

Turkish Belly Dancing is definitely an ancient dance kind in Turkey and surrounding regions. The dance was preserved by way of the Middle Ages in the form of social dances in general public life and inside the harems of Ottoman rulers. The dance has received powerful influence in the gypsy culture as well as the ancient cultures that worshiped goddesses. It really is also the most popular variety of dance in modern day belly dancing classes.

The moves and strategies are closely associated for the classic form from the dance. It can be a lot more flamboyant, bold and energetic in nature as compared to its close versions identified in the east. The Turkish dance type includes far more use with the finger cymbals along with enhanced use of athleticism within the moves. The movements performed on floor, also referred to as floor work are widespread to be located inside the Turkish kind of the dance.
An Overview of Arabian and Turkish Belly Dancing
You could uncover an enhanced expression of sexuality, specially extra so within the dance becoming performed in nightclubs throughout the 70s and 80s. Massive orchestras in Turkish nightclubs play Arabic music along with the gypsy style which features a much more energetic and more rapidly tempo.

An Overview of Arabian and Turkish Belly Dancing

A large variety of instruments are utilized inside the performance which includes violins, dumbeks, keyboards, clarinets, ouds, oboes and more. Commonly, efficiency lasts for around 30 minutes and it consist of different rhythms, tempos too as melodies. And, the contemporary Turkish music styles consist of components from world-beat and electronic music.

The costumes made use of in Turkish danceduring the 70s and 80s had been controversial resulting from their sexiness and shortness. Frequently, the Turkish version on the dance consists of costumes like belly dance skirt, bra major in conjunction with belt. But, the skirts consist of less level of fabric as compared to that worn in Egyptian or American belly dance. The costumes are also quite modest compared to the western kind with the dance.

Belly Dancing Costumes and Accessories – Top Tips To Appear Terrific

Belly Dancing Costumes

Belly Dancing Costumes and Accessories – Top Tips To Appear Terrific
As far as belly dancing is concerned it transcends the boundaries of age or figure. Even, mature or overweight girls can also practice this dance kind; also, the environment that a belly dancing class gives is supportive and appropriately non-judgmental. On the subject of belly dancing, the capability to dance is a lot more prioritized than figure or apparent condition.
Belly Dancing Costumes
Because the other belly dancers wear exquisite dresses, you also can put on hip hugging or belly baring etc. There’s no restriction of age, shape or size in belly dancing, neither is flexibility a pre-requisite. All you need to possess is really a passion for belly dancing and that demands interest and internal motivation.

Belly Dancing Costumes

If you’re a mature belly dancer or you happen to be a bit overweight, then you definitely need to pick the ideal kind of dress to be able to look equally marvelous and enchanting. Remember, the right kind of dress has the magical potential to camouflage anything. Should you make an effort to dress in some exuberant style which has been essentially made for the younger dancers, you might really make your real age prominent.

So, dress in a way that suits you and keep away from exaggeration in costumes. Dressing as outlined by your shape and figure is very significant and thus you must have the ability to pick costumes that compliment not merely your figure but in addition your age and style.

To be able to pick out the best costume for your self, look at your self with essential eye and figure what have to be suitable for you. The extended and figure hugging sort of dresses actually go rather nicely with most figure varieties. Underneath such dresses you may also wear some tight fitting figure shape wear which will surely help you as well as your costumes in shaping far more.

You may want to decide on semi sheer costumes if it looks appropriate. So, do a bit of search about costumes that are readily available then analyze your personal physique shape critically, then make a decision.

For all those who are practicing belly dancing moves for some time, it’s not a far off reality that belly dance costumes and coins play the crucial role in enhancing the all round impression. After you closely observe an expert belly dancer you’d find that the belly dancer costume is an critical part of the functionality along with the moves. And, the shining gold elements on the costume are an integral part of the overall art.
Belly Dancing Costumes
It should really be noticed that these dancers stay clear of wearing a lot of jewelry that generally hinders their streamlined movements, however the coins are utilized extensively. The focal places like hip scarves and belly dance bras include these coins to be able to complement the movements that are particular in these components.

The origin is just not recognized, but a big quantity of authorities within this art consider that they were first presented to dancers as tokens of admiration, and they began wearing them. Some even believe that it originated with the gypsy dancers mainly because they also stick to similar dancing tradition. Without having concern for their origin, the coins are now an integral part of these dancing costumes.

These coins are now employed extensively so as to cover the hip scarves so that you can highlight the hip movements through belly dancing. The qualities with the coins – tinkling sound and dazzling colors give an desirable appeal to the gorgeous belly dance routine.
Belly Dancing Costumes
You are able to add them to the hip scarf in two ways. So as to make a custom scarf, you are able to acquire the coins and sew them. You might also locate pre-built scarves fitted with beautifully patterned coins. However, in case you are planning to make your very own scarf with coins, then acquire coins that already have holes. You could possibly either use the coins alone or add other embellishments like beads so as to get much more intricate designs. Want to know more about this Visit egypt dancing dance music oriental

Arabic music It is an attractive and different type of instrumental music

Arabic music

Arabic music It is an attractive and different type of instrumental music which will impress your really. I am sure that you didn’t hear this type of amazing instrumental music in past. It is simply awesome and beautiful with nice composition. This is not only music but also a piece of art. The music is so attractive that you will not be able to control yourself from hearing this music again and again. Although this music video is not so large but surely you will get some pleasure and feel the taste of rocking Arabic music. After watching and hearing this one, you will start to search for more music like this one and it is confirmed. So just start to watch it.
• Nice and attractive music with super composition. I am impressed and loved this music very much.
• This is just a shit. Didn’t get the reason to call it as music. Please upload something good and attractive.
• Wow! The music is awesome and really enjoying. I loved the composition as well as the full music.

Arabic music

shoulders and breast for the belly dancing how to use yours

shoulders and breast for the belly dancing

shoulders and breast for the belly dancing how to use yours. how to use your shoulders and breast for the belly dancing. The dancer starts by moving her shoulders in round starting up. You should be aware that these are not robotic moves. The same side of the shoulder moving, the breast comes to the front and the other to the back. The sides change simultaneously. Then, the dancer doubles the moves of her shoulders and breast, making smaller moves but in double. The same moves are made with the dancer leaning to the left side and then to the right side.
Another move is the up and down of the breasts. The same moves are done by the dancer facing the camera, her left side to the camera, and her right side to the camera. Then, the dancer faces the camera, and pushes her waist to the right and her torso to the left, then her waist to the left and her torso to the right. To the front, you can do a round move with all of your torso. Then, the dancer starts with the breast moves, the ones helped by moving the shoulders to the front and back. The dancer starts slow, and goes faster. These moves are done on all sides. Then, you add to the breast moves the going down and up with the help of your knees. After that, you push your breast to the left (for 4 counts) and to the right (for other 4 counts). These last moves are more solid than the rest. You do the same push of the breasts to the side, but this time with making a round motion with your breasts after the push.
In the end, watch the dancer combine all the above moves.

shoulders and breast for the belly dancing

Khufu Boat Museum houses the largest royal vessel ever discovered in Egypt

Khufu Boat Museum

Khufu Boat Museum houses the largest royal vessel ever discovered in Egypt. The boat was discovered in 1954 in a dismantled state. Since then it has taken 13 years to put the pieces back together and display the boat as it was when it was built many years ago.

Historians are divided on whether the boat was used as a means of the final journey of King Khufu or merely used as a transportation device to take Khufu’s funerary equipment to his pyramid.

Nevertheless, the boat is another fine example of the architectural know-how of the Egyptian civilization in that time. Most of the interior space of the museum is taken over by the boat.

There are various decks and hallways constructed that allows the visitors to view the boat from various angles. The remains of the ships were discovered buried in the ditches. Many ditches still have the pieces of similar smaller boats.

The museum also displays photographs and writings about how the boat was discovered and how the restoration took place. It has preserved certain artifacts that were discovered along with the boat. The museum has even preserved the ropes that were found with the boat.

One of the amazing facts is that even after almost 4500 years the quality of the built is as superior as when it was first constructed. It is 143 feet tall and 19.5 feet wide. Historians still research the exact purpose of the boat.

The boat is made of cedar wood. The boat was discovered near the Great Pyramid of Giza. The museum itself is situated next to the Pyramids and visitors can have a glimpse of the Pyramids through the large glass windows of the museum.

The restoration of the pieces has led to the world knowing about the building skills of the Egyptian workers during the reign of King Khufu.

Khufu Boat Museum

Great Pyramid Giza oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient Egypt

Great Pyramid Giza

Great Pyramid Giza One of the most mysterious and the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world is the Pyramid of Giza.  The great Pyramid also called the Pyramid of Khufu or Pyramid of Cheops.

The great Pyramid of Giza is constructed with a 2,300,000 limestone and granite blocks and is one of the ancient engineering marvels.

To this day, it remains a mystery as to what tools were used for the cutting and shaping of such huge stone blocks. The modern technology of today might not be able to create such a building.

The Pyramid was built around 2560 BC and was the tallest man-made structure in the world for almost 3800 years.

The Pyramid of Giza is one of the main tourist attractions of Egypt. Many visitors visit Egypt to see this structure.

There are three known chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The main feature of the Pyramid is that the sides are perfectly aligned with the accuracy of a compass.

The Great Pyramid also served as a sundial to correctly predict the time.  The entrance of the Pyramid is at the northern side which is the same for every pyramid in Egypt. The Pyramid has three burial chambers.  The first is underground and is carved into a bedrock.

The second chamber was called Queen’s chambers, but no evidence was found that suggests that any of Khufu’s wives ever lived there.

The third Pyramid is the King’s chamber which had a red granite sarcophagus placed at its center. The Pyramid was plundered many times by thieves who thought that treasures were buried inside the Pyramid.

The way to enter the Pyramid is via robbers Tunnel that was constructed around AD 820.

The construction of the entire monument took almost 20 years and still stands tall as a testimony to the architectural marvel that existed so many years ago.

Great Pyramid Giza