Belly dance movement | move according to the beat

Belly dance movement explain. At the start of this belly dance Art, notice how the dancer will move according to the beat. Listen carefully to the beats and stops, and observe how the dancer moves her hips, turns around,Belly dance movement

and moves her breasts then stop with the beat. Although her whole body is not moving a lot, she is dancing with her belly and breasts to the beat, and adding life to the moves with her hands. The dancer is not always facing the camera, sometime she turns around but you can still see her dancing from behind. As the music goes faster, the dancer’s moves are also faster. Belly dance movement moves her hips faster, and her whole body is “running” as opposed to when she was still staying at her original place. Not only does the dancer follow the music and beat, but she also is sometimes moving according to the singer’s words and singing. As the music alternates between slow and fast, the dancer also alternates her moves. Even when the same music and lyrics are repeating, the dancer is not repeating the same moves, but she is getting creative in performing (don’t worry if now you are not able to do so, with time the moves will come on their own). Moreover, notice how the dancer is going down and up; she does not stay on the same level the whole song. Belly dance movement A helpful tip is to listen to the song you want to dance to again and again so you will get familiar to the music and beat (following certain beats, and stops, is important in belly dancing).

Belly dance movement